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Question 41


·       Can the association present its proposal at the level of the district of the place of its work center?

·       Is it permissible for the target percentage of Syrian refugees to be 20% through job creation and empowerment programs?

·       Can the proposed budget be in euros instead of Danish kroner?

·       When will the response be if the proposal is approved?

·       And if the proposal responded to the four objectives of the RDPP, is this good and gives a greater chance of approval?



·       The geographical focus of the proposed project should be outlined in the concept note under section 7 listed under ‘geographical areas. If the level is the district, then it should be mentioned here.

·       The targeted communities and/or families should be selected based on their needs and according to the national frameworks and relevant response plans for the sector of intervention. We do not have a recommended spilt between nationalities for the RDPP III. The basis for the RDPP is to address the impact of the Syrian displacement crisis though.

·       No, we only accept budget numbers in Danish Kroner (DKK). If the concept note is selected, we only sign contracts in Danish Kroner as well in accordance with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs financial regulations

·       We expect to be able to provide feedback on the submitted concept notes towards the end of April. We will of course aim for providing feedback as soon as possible.

·       Targeting all four objectives of the RDPP does not give a higher score. The concept notes will be evaluated according to how aligned they are with the RDPP objectives and scored according to the criteria outlined in Annex 2 to the Program Document available to be downloaded on the RDPP website under ‘who we are’ ABOUT US (


Question 42


Is it obligatory to have another organization partner to be an eligible organization for this project?



No, it is not a requirement to have a co-applicant

Question 43

Q43: Are sub-grants in cash or in kind to SMEs are an eligible expense in projects financed under this call. Can you please confirm the eligibility of such expenses? 


A43: Sub-grants in cash or in-kind to SMEs are an eligible expense