Question and answers no 1 submitted for the call for new partnerships RDPP III / Regional






 For questions related to the call, applicants can send an email to no later than 12th of February 2024.


Question 1

Q1: Our organization has been working in Lebanon and Syria since 2019, through local partners. I wanted to inquire about our eligibly regarding the new RDPP call. While we are not registered in Lebanon, as mentioned above, we do implement programming funded by Danida in Lebanon. Would we be eligible to apply?


A1: The lead applicant and co-applicant(s) must be able to legally conduct the activities they intend to implement in the country of operation i.e., the organization must be registered with relevant authorities in Lebanon or Jordan.


Question 2:

Q2a: Could you kindly confirm the feasibility of submitting a single Concept Note for both specific objectives available for Jordan (Livelihoods Support and Gender Equality)? If so, it would be appreciated if you could confirm that the budget ceiling for the CN will then be the combined ceilings of the two components, i.e., 2.6 – 3.4 million EUR rather than 1.3 – 1.7 million EUR.  


A2a: Yes, it would be possible to submit one concept note covering both specific objectives outlined for Jordan. The total available budget for the two components would then be 2.6 – 3.4 million Euro. Please observe detailed requirements and RDPP results framework indicators for each of the specific objectives.


Q2b: Furthermore, we would like to verify whether the budget ceilings specified in the call for each objective apply to the entire project period or are allocated annually?


A2b: The budget ceiling is for the entire project period (project start date to a maximum of December 2026).


Question 3:

Q3: If we already have a partnership with RDPP under 'RDPP III', can we apply to your new call that is due end of February?

A3: Yes, you will be welcome to apply for the new call


Question 4:

Q4: We would like to ask for some clarification in relation to the following statement:

"Regardless the registration of their head office, whether within the EU or outside of the EU, all applicants and co-applicants applying for specific objectives 1 and 2 have to be registered as legal entities with the relevant national authorities in the Lebanon (for Prevention of Child Labour) or Jordan (for Livelihoods and Gender Equality)"


Our organisation is registered with the Ministry of Environment. Is this enough for our eligibility for the call or do we need to register to the other national authorities too?


A4: The lead applicant and any co-applicant(s) must be able to legally conduct the activities in the country of operation i.e., the organization must be registered with relevant authorities in Lebanon or Jordan to be able to operate and implement the activities.


Question 5:

Q5: Would our organisation be eligible to apply as a subgrantee under two different applications? We were approached by two local actors who are capable to lead on this call, and we were wondering if this would be a possibility, noting that the call delineates that per lead applicant it should be one application.


A5: Lead- and co-applicants can only be part of one concept note per country. If the co-applicant appears in more than one concept note, we will revert to your organization to request clarification on which concept note to be considered eligible.