The Regional Development and Protection Program (RDPP) was first initiated in 2014 as a multi-donor response to address the humanitarian and development needs of refugees and displacement affected communities in the countries neighbouring Syria. RDPP aims at supporting civil society, host governments, donors and other stakeholders in understanding and mitigating the impact of protracted forced displacement from Syria and the compounded crises in Jordan and Lebanon. Through partnerships with national and international actors, the RDPP seeks to enhance protection and support socio-economic development for refugees and local communities with a view to support opportunities for increased self-reliance and resilience of various groups of populations and a specific emphasis on women and youth.


Over the years, as the context and needs evolved, a second phase of the program was initiated in October 2018 with localisation as a cross-cutting objective. As the second phase of the program ended in December 2022, the RDPP team was mandated to develop a third phase of the program building upon the lessons learnt and experiences of the previous phases. The third phase of the program began in February 2023.


The RDPP implements through partnerships. These can be directly with national and international civil society organisations, UN entities, research institutes, think tanks and social enterprises and also private sector entities, national and sub-national structures and institutions, CBOs and many other relevant entities to support the objective of the program. Partnerships are identified through competitive call processes and in exceptional cases through direct partnering. More information is available on this in the annexes to the program document.


The overall objective of RDPP III is to support vulnerable refugees and local communities in Lebanon and Jordan to access rights, and enjoy increased safety and enhanced self-reliance towards durable and sustainable solutions.


This will be supported through four specific objectives (SOs):


SO 1: Vulnerable refugees and local communities are more self-reliant and resilient.

SO 2: Women and children at risk of exploitation and abuse are enabled to increasingly enjoy their rights, safety and quality services.

SO 3: Policy dialogue around durable and sustainable solutions, including livelihoods and protection for refugees and local communities is promoted.

Cross-cutting SO 4: National and sub-national institutions, organisations and structures supported have enhanced capacity to respond to community needs.


Further details regarding the RDPP III objectives can be found in the RDPP III Program Document.

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The Royal Danish Embassy in Beirut manages the program on behalf of the contributing donors, which consists of the EU, Austria, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands and Switzerland. 



With the Syrian displacement as the core focus for the programme, the RDPP adapts a regional approach in relation to support towards advocacy and policy dialogue. Geographically, implementation is focused on Lebanon and Jordan with a weight on areas mainly affected by displacement.


The RDPP III management team has offices in Beirut and Amman.